NinjaFlex Splash Spool Adapter

Make your own Splash Spool adapter

The Splash Spool works just fine on my printer without any adapter however it occurred to me that it might be useful to have an adapter for other types of 3D printers. Here are some photos of a remixed Thingiverse item. You can download the design and/or the STL file to make these spools here: NinjaFlex Splash Spool Adapter

Our engineer friend JC came up with an even better design here:
Best NinjaFlex Splash Spool Adapter

Best Splash Spool Adapter

Is your NinjaFlex too flexible?  Try these handy tricks to keep the filament on your Splash Spools.

Print your own Filament Retainer

When I expanded my product line to include the 3mm size filament (after I bought a Lulzbot mini) I noticed the filament tends to flop off the spool when it gets near the end. This retainer holds the filament on the spool. It’s designed to be loose so the spool can rotate inside it. I imagine this might work for larger spools as well but I my mini’s platform is too small to make one.

Works better in SemiFlex as NinjaFlex is a litte more tacky.

Filament Retainer
Filament Retainer