Ninjatek Sample Splash Spools™    $9.99

NinjaTek offers a variety of quality, high performance 3D printing filaments, developed with over 50 years of industrial extrusion experience. NinjaTek provides comprehensive technical & performance data, printing guidelines and product comparisons for each of their materials, to assist you in finding the solution that suites your printing needs.  Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

NinjaFlex™ TPU flexible filament in 26 colors

Attention CANADIANS NinjaFlex™ TPU flexible filament on Amazon.CA

SemiFlex™ TPU flexible filament in 7 colors

Cheetah™ The Industrial Grade Flexible Filament

Armadillo™ The Functional Rigid Filament

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FilaFlex Sample Splash Spools™    $9.99

Recreus is a Spanish company operating in more than 60 countries. Recreus was founded by Ignacio Garcia and his father in 2013. Recreus is one of the first companies to introduce flexible filament for desktop 3D printers. Their goal is to create and explore new materials with innovative properties. Famous for 3D printing in fashion, shoes and prosthetics.

Filaflex flexible filament

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nGen_FLEX Sample Splash Spools™   $9.99

What is colorFabb nGen_FLEX?   nGen-FLEX is a new elastomer material added to our existing range of co-polyester functional 3D printing filaments.   nGen-FLEX is best described as a semi-flexible material with good printability on most 3D printers eliminating the use for specialized flex extruders. It’s rated at a Shore A hardness level of 95. By adjusting infill and perimeter settings it’s possible to influence how flexible a part should feel after printing.

nGen_FLEX flexible filament

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You can also find Splash Spools™ on Amazon. Mix and Match 3 pack and 5 pack are a website exclusive as well as all 26 3mm colors.

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