GRASS 1.75 mm CHEETAH Flexible Filament


The Splash Spool™ is loaded with 50 grams of Cheetah™ 1.75mm industrial grade flexible filament. The case can be used as a filament guide.


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The Splash Spool™ is loaded with approximately 50 grams of Cheetah 1.75mm industrial grade flexible filament. Cheetah™ is the fastest and easiest to print flexible filament on the market. The focus in development of this material was on optimizing the user experience. The result is a filament that is printable across all types of desktop 3D printers at ABS and PLA speeds, many times twice the speed of other flexible materials on the market.  Printer Settings.

Cheetah filament possesses industry leading durability along with impact strength 84% greater than ABS. The abrasion resistance makes Cheetah the perfect blend of speed, toughness and strength.

The Splash Spool keeps your work space organized because you won’t have any loose coils laying around. We sell by weight but you can expect approximately 57 feet/17 meters of filament.


Splash Spool Dimensions

Splash Spool Dimensions

A:Arbor   3 3/8″    B:Barrel  3 5/8″    T:Traverse   3/4″     F:Flange   4 7/8″