Video by the famous Maker’s Muse:  Want to try out flexible 3D printing without investing in custom hardware on your 3D Printer? In this 3D Printing 101 we’ll show you the settings you need to change!

Printing Guidelines

The printer settings below highlight recommended speeds and temperatures to be considered when printing with NinjaTek filaments. Remember that every printer is unique, and may require adjusting your settings a bit to get the best results.

Extruder Temperature Platform Temperature Print Speed
Top and bottom layers Infill speeds
NinjaFlex 225°C – 235°C Room temp – 40°C 10-20 mm/ sec (600-1200 mm/ min) 15-35 mm/ sec (900-2100 mm/ min)
SemiFlex 225°C – 235°C 80°C – 110°C 10-20 mm/ sec (600-1200 mm/ min) 15-35 mm/ sec (900-2100 mm/ min)
Cheetah 225°C – 235°C Room temp – 40°C 30-45 mm/ sec (600-1200 mm/ min) 60-80 mm/ sec (900 mm/ min-2100 mm/ min)
Armadillo 220°C – 230°C Room temp – 45°C 15-20 mm/ sec (900-1800 mm/ min) 45-60 mm/ sec (2700-3600 mm/ min)


Additional recommendations:

  • Glue and/ or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.
  • For layers 2+ use cooling fan if available.
  • Note that temperatures can be affected by filament diameter, nozzle diameter and layer height settings.