flexy2 TPU  Printing Guidelines

With a Shore Hardness of  98A you can influence how flexible a print should feel by adjusting infill and shell settings.

  • Extruder temperature: 200 – 230 °C   Please see our TPU trouble shooting guide on our website if you experience excessive oozing, stringing or other issues
  • Retraction: Adjust your settings, too little retraction and you will have strings, too much and you will get blobs of filament when the print head starts its next segment of printing
  • Platform temperature: Room temperature
  • Print Speed: 10-30 mm/s.   Due to the nature of flexible filament and the potential to buckle when being pushed through the hot end, it is highly recommended that you print at slow speeds.  If you are still having difficulty consider printing yourself a filament guide as a modification  to your printer.  You can find printer mods on Thingiverse (see my collection and/or search with your printer name)

User Tips:


At 230c I turned off retraction and ran the fan off for the first layer and ramped up to full during the next 5 layers (Cura stock setting) Bed was @ 70c with no adhesion issues.  I ran at 35mm/sec and at .2mm layer heights for the flex box from thingiverse  (thing:1695910)

It printed great with my regular TPU settings.  195C  45mm/s with Flexion extruder

You have to print at 225c and at 10mm/s for good transparent prints. I used Vase mode.

* NOTE*  some colors are not transparent (black,white).   Indicated on label.



 flexy2 TPU  Standard Unit Result
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.22
Shore hardness 98
100%Tensile Strength ISO 37 MPa 14
300%Tensile Strength ISO 37 MPa 26
Elongation at Break ISO 527 % 550
Tear Strength ISO 34-1 KN/m 130
Certification ROHS