Filaflex by Recreus now available in Splash Spools

Filaflex by Recreus

Filaflex is a premium flexible filament. With a shore hardness of 82A, it is the softest and squishiest filament we carry in our line of Splash Spools. Filaflex is the original elastic filament for 3D printers, this revolutionary material is a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) with a polyurethane base and some additives to make it printable in your 3D printer. Filaflex has an incredible elasticity that allows you to create elastic printed parts for your projects. Now you can create your own shoes or sneakers at home!!

Filaflex + Gensole

Generate Insoles for 3D Printing from Gyrobot.  Easy to use. Design real time in a web browser. Profiled to suit shoe shape. Contoured to match personal foot scan. Customization of harness zones.  Print at home.

A proof of concept printable hand with “live hinge” flexible joints. Individually activated fingers using Filaflex filament as tendons.

Get inspired to design your own fashion collection.

“The breakthrough came when I was introduced to FilaFlex, which is a new kind of filament; it’s strong, yet very flexible. Using FilaFlex and the Witbox printer, I finally was able to print” – Danit Peleg

Filaflex Features

  • Shore Hardness = 82A
  • +-0.05mm tolerance
  • Density: 1215 KG/M^3
  • Tensile Strength: 39 MPA
  • Filaflex is really elastic, 700% stretching until breaking
  • You can combine FILAFLEX with PLA or ABS and create new hybrid prints with all new capabilities.
  • It is resistant  to fuel, solvents, and acetone.
  • Although Filaflex is not toxic. No, is not food friendly and we don’t recommend for medical use.
  • Filaflex doesn’t smell, it is odorless and doesn’t produce toxic gases. It is safe to print with in an office space.
  • We recommend using direct drive extruders. Although we have tested FilaFlex using Bowden extruders and achieving successful prints at very low speeds,Bowden extruders are not highly recommended due to the long distance between the hotend and stepper motor.



Printer Settings

  • Similar to NinjaFlex settings, if you have a profile for NinjaFlex start with that,
  • Temperature: 230-260 C
  • Speed: 20-80 mm/s
  • Layer Height: .1-.25mm
  • Retraction: 0-4.5mm 50 mm/s
  • No, kapton, blue tape or hairspray needed unless you are printing with a PEI bed. For PEI  bed use glue stick.

No Heated Bed Needed

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