Engineer Talk

Stephen Heston from Fenner Labs, the manufacturer of NinjaFlex, presents tips and trick about printing with NinjaFlex on your 3D printer.


See our blog post: Inventor of NinjaFlex Designs New Extruder for Flexible Filaments



Part 1.2: 3D Printer Basics

Part 2.1: Guide Tubes Overview

Part 2.2: Guide Tubes – MakerBot

Part 2.3: Guide Tubes – LulzBot & Leapfrog

Part 3.1: Types of Extruders

Part 3.2: Printing Ninjaflex

Part 2.2: Guide Tubes – MakerBot

Part 3.4: Printing NinjaFlex – Leapfrog Creatr

Part 3.3: Printing NinjaFlex – MakerBot

Part 4.2: Extruder Issues – Barrel Material & Print Speed

Part 5.1: Retraction