Try out some of our premium flexible filament brands. We are the NinjaTek™ Authorized US Sample Distributor. We love Filaflex and nGen Flex too!

A seasoned entrepreneur, Barbara founded 3DprintNY to address the latest technological revolution, additive manufacturing.  After purchasing her first printer a friend asked her to make him a phone case.  Here she discovered a need for people to be able to try out flexible filament or get different colors at an affordable cost.

We have been in business since 2015 and have shipped 1000s of Splash Spools™ all around the country. Our website and eCommerce businesses on eBay and Amazon retail $9.99 ($12.99 Amazon Prime) Splash Spools to the consumer and professional 3D printing market.

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Be creative with more colors

Problem Solvers

No more loose strands of filament cluttering up your workspace

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Orders ship within one business day of placement.

Problem: can’t coil small quantities of NinjaFlex for people to try out. It’s just too flexible.

Problem: too expensive to buy multiple colors for small things like buttons, o-rings, model tires and phone cases.

Solution! After doing considerable research we created Splash Spools™. Just the right amount of filament with the ability to store in a desk drawer, stacked space or even hang on a wall.

Look for more interesting filaments distributed by us in the future.

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