Chuck Durham’s Flynoceros Orion drone frequently takes flights as high as 150 feet and as fast as 70 miles per hour. To capture the view from the sky, a GoPro camera mounted on top of the drone.

The drone frequently experienced rough landings or crashes which had broken several cameras. Previously, Chuck printed a case made of ABS material, but it offered little to no protection when he flew his drone.

With his FlashForge Dreamer printer, Chuck printed a case designed to mount directly onto the drone using Cheetah flexible filament. Cheetah ‘s market leading impact strength is recorded to be 84% greater than ABS!

At 100% infill, the case had enough substance and flexibility to withstand and absorb impact. Now Chuck is able to fly his drone without worries, saving him hundreds of dollars in replacement costs!

“Cheetah filament created a quick, durable mount for protecting my equipment” – Chuck Durham