Cheetah was just officially released and I was fortunate enough to have a BETA spool of it for a month. I print models on my Lulzbot Mini all day to demonstrate the properties of the filaments I sell. The Squishball above is from my “Fun with Flexibles” Thingiverse Collection.

Cheetah has the best looking results so far of any of the flexible filaments I print. There is less oozing, stringing, gaps and other surface imperfections.  See the list of issues you can have by looking at this troubleshooting guide.


Here you can see the treefrog looks great. You can hardly see the layer lines. This was my first attempt.

Model on Thingiverse

A Handful of Frogs

I made several attempts to print the frog in Ninjaflex but was having trouble with it’s belly. I changed temperatures, speeds, layer thickness, overlaps, and supports.

A Lot Stiffer

The Cheetah frog does not squish or bend much except for it’s legs.

Flexible Frog

I can practically crunch up the Ninjaflex version into a ball.

Cheetah models are is much stiffer than Ninjaflex models which has a shore hardness of 85A compared to Cheetah’s 95A. Here is a video where you can see the Stretch, Squish and Flex tests I devised.

The stiffness is a good thing. The focus in development of this material was on optimizing the user experience. NinjaTek says it’s the fastest and easiest to print flexible filament on the market.

Lastly here is a change purse container I made for myself. The flexibility allows the 2 halves to slip on and off each other but the stiffness holds it together. I have had it in my purse for several weeks now without it ever coming apart.




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