3D printing is a wonderful compliment to any hobby.  It introduces you to a whole new universe of  people who call themselves “Makers”;  creators,  inventors, architects, and designers.  This is the first of many blog posts on interesting projects you can make with your 3D printer via free downloads.

With over 30,000 downloads  on Thingiverse, the Gear Cube is popular.  It  has 17 pieces but you can print them all at once provided your printer has a large enough build platform.   My Lulzbot Mini is not large enough but user Flying Whale broke it up into two prints and then later three so I could have the center a different color.

Once you print all the pieces, all that is left is assembling them.  This is a project in itself as it’s not so obvious how the pieces snap together.  What I learned is that it helps to grease up the pins so it turns better and snap it together so it finishes off as a cube.  Gear Cube – always a crowd pleaser.