Printing NinjaFlex with Makerbot 5th Gen

XYZAidan shows how to print NinjaFlex on 5th Gen

GorillaMaker – Setup NinjaFlex in GM3D500 3d Printer

Instructions on setting up your GM3D500 to print with NnjaFlex using the optional flexible filament adaptor and 0.6 and 0.8 hot end nozzle.

NinjaFlex 3D Printing Tips On The Ultimaker 2

In this video we will give you some tips for printing with NinjaFlex flexible filament on the Ultimaker 2

Ninjaflex! Printing flexible filament with Gregs/Wades extruder!

Good demo illustration problems and solutions with feeding NinjaFlex through extruders.

Check out this printable adapter for the Printrbot

PrintrBot NinjaFlex Upgrade by adafruit

Read the full installation guide on:

“NinjaFlex is our favorite TPE based filament because it works great with our wearable projects.”

If you’ve ever tried printing ninjaflex on a PrintrBot, you may have noticed a small problem. It doesn’t extrude so well. TPE material is so flexible that the filament actually buckles just before reaching the hot end. The drive gear and the hot end are so far apart that the filament can actually tangle!

Our 3D printed filament upgrade eliminates this problem by guiding the filament directly to the drive gear, removing any room to buckle.

Designed to print right on your printrbot in just ten minutes, the installation is easy and requires no extra parts.

LulzBot 3D Printer Filament Profile Series NinjaFlex

Lulzbot Taz demoing flexystruder 3D printing a custom bicycle handle that will withstand tight grips and heavy use over time.



BondtechQR Extruder Ultimaker Ninjaflex

Printing or an RC car tire NinjaFlex with the Ultimaker 2 Extended upgraded with BondtechQR Extruder, 60 mm/sec..



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