Open your world to flexible prints with low-tack NinjaFlex filaments. NinjaFlex creates extremely flexible, strong prints, extending the capabilities of many of today’s 3D printers.

If you are needing a part to bend stretch or flex you have to see what this stuff can do. With the proper print settings you can get some amazing prints. The example prints I show are a mini rock crawler tire, a vibration dampener, and a custom printed o-ring to seal my acetone vapor polishing chamber. I walk through the steps to make a perfect print and give some pointers on how to modify prints settings to get the exact. Brought to you by Netherbot
Demo of printing a NinjaFlex iPhone 5 case on an Ultimaker v2. Brought to you by Nerdgasm
Video showing my first prints using a flexystruder on a Lulzbot mini. Also shows the Lulzbot Cura version and installation of the flexystruser.

Convenient Packaging

Stack them, throw them in a drawer, hang them on a wall. Spash Spools are a handy way to handle smaller quantities of filament.

Multiple Colors

We know you are color starved – add a splash of color to your prints.

Mix and Match color multi-packs

Save more when you purchase only the colors you need in 3 or 5 multi packs

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